The Little Green Jacket Available Now! Pre-Release - Earth Day Launch!

Self Love & Empowerment

Jodi Dee, M.Ed is a Mother, Author & Blogger whose resources and materials support and promote proper development, social & emotional intelligence, self esteem, and self love!

The Little Green Jacket

In partnership with Planet Aid, "The Little Green Jacket" is being release April 22nd, 2020 in celebration of Earth Day!

The Little Green jacket is a story based on true events about a little green jacket that travels through the lives of different children, who live in very different places, and ends up on the other side of the world after a natural disaster.

Find out how the little green jacket experiences being a donation and the importance, power, and magic of giving! A true all-American classic that showcases the culture of donations and how it can change lives.

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Dirt Girl

A multi-award winning book with 5 star reviews! "A must have for all children!", "Spectacular!" "Timeless." "It's a beautiful book with a beautiful story that should be part of every child's library!"

Zafera is a normal, beautiful little girl, yet she often has dirt on her hands and twigs in her hair. When Zafera goes to school for the first time, all the children stare and tease. Find out how she becomes the most popular girl in school!

A beautiful story about ignoring negativity and shining bright no matter what, because our differences are our greatest gifts. And if you do, others will eventually see.

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Meet Jesse True

Learning how to deal with feelings is critical for proper social and emotional development. Reason and consequence evolve as children grow, and they need guidance, encouragement, and support to help navigate and develop their emotions.

Jesse True was created to help children learn that all feelings are OK. We often associate colors with feelings, such as “feeling blue” or “red with anger”. When Jesse feels something strongly he generates energy,
radiating a color that reflects his emotion. He glows different colors based on different feelings. Jesse’s “super power” is changing colors.

The message Jesse gives children is that emotions, whether good or bad, are both natural and healthy.

A color chart is provided at the end of each book. As you read about Jesse’s experiences, encourage your children to identify and discuss their feelings. See if they would feel the same as Jesse. Use Jesse’s stories to open a dialogue with your children, so they are empowered to say what they think or feel, in a safe place, and learn to enjoy the kaleidoscope of their feelings!

Meet Jesse True