Books in Hands Program! School Book Packages

With a minimum order of 25 books of a title, at the school discount of 40% off retail, Jodi Dee Publishing provides unlimited full access to a turn-key SCHOOL BOOK PACKAGE, that is easy to implement and use in any classroom.

For each title, the package includes a professional comprehensive week-long lesson plan, a PDF teacher deck with an answer key, a PDF student workbook, printables, coloring pages, digital integration through Google Classroom (or any web-based platform), and an exciting new gaming option! 

Be prepared for weeks of engaging learning and fun!

Our goal is to put BOOKS IN HANDS, to encourage and kindle a love of reading.

All resources are designed to be engaging and fun, incorporating cross-curricular components, SEL (social-emotional learning) aspects, creative writing, academic concepts, creative/art opportunities, and more!

Learning is engaging, fun, and memorable for all students. There are life lessons, character traits, important social-emotional learning virtues, and more! 




1. Comprehensive Week-Long Lesson Plan

20-60+ page week-long lesson plan per story expanded into downloadable PDFs, with over 20+ activities including printables, worksheets, coloring pages, and activities in a colorful easy-to-use format.
  • Teacher Printable Deck (with an answer key)
  • Student Printable Workbook
  • Teacher Digital Deck (with an answer key)
  • Student Digital Workbook

    2. Digital Integration

    PDF downloads integrate with Google Classroom (or any web-based platform). Teachers can host online interactive activities via a whiteboard or screen, as teacher lead or independent study.

    There are writing prompts for students to type their responses, the ability for the teacher to assign the pages of the resource to students, as well as review/grade assignments.

     3. Wed-Based Gaming-Blooket

    28+ customized web-based games to each lesson plan/story, and include a platform for teacher-guided gaming, group competition, or independent testing and study.

    Blooket Game Modes Preview for Educators! Check it out!


    1. If you require us to set up with the school district as a VENDOR please email the application or request to with “VENDOR” in the subject, and we will complete it ASAP!

    1. Download the SCHOOL ORDER FORM
      Complete, scan, and email to:
      In the email subject reference: “School Book Package - Order

    2. If you prefer to order by phone, call APG Sales & Distribution at 800-327-5113. Once the order is complete, please email as in Step 2.

    1. Once an order is received, an email will be sent with links to the online portfolio that includes; login instructions, access to PDF resources, instructions on how to use the digital integration, video tutorials on how to use the online gaming platform, and more!

    1. If sending an order form home to students, Download the STUDENT ORDER FORM and collect payment directly from students. Please follow Step 2 and mail one check to Jodi Dee Publishing.

    1. The school will be set up as a direct vendor with Jodi Dee Publishing for future orders, and additional titles.
      Vendors receive a 40% wholesale discount off retail, with FREE SHIPPING, for orders of 25 books or more.

      School Book Package offer is a purchase of a minimum of 25 books per title.


      To download a School Book Package flyer, by title, with sample lessons, CLICK THE IMAGE:

      Coming Soon - Grades 4-8
      Series, Book 1. Spring 2025!


      "This was such a great resource! I loved using this with my 2nd grade class! I have such a diverse class and this was a great resource to foster conversation about loving who we are! So thankful to be able to use resources like these in my classroom!" - Carson's Class, 2nd Grade

      "I love Jodi Dee's concept behind her books and I love that you are digging into the SEL world bringing awareness to the younger children in hopes that they will grow up to show kindness to others. I love how the activities in this resource allow the children to critical thinking and go beyond the story. The activities in this resource are engaging, colorful, and easy to print. Kudos on a job well done! - Ms. T's Class, 3rd Grade

      "This is such a fantastic resource! I love this story! Such a great resource!" -Trusted Classroom Resources, 4th Grade

      "This resource accompanies the book "The Dirt Girl," which is a colorful, relatable, and endearing story about staying true to who you are. The resource is packed with helpful graphic organizers and thought-provoking activities that correspond well with the storyline. Every primary and junior classroom needs this book and resource in their book library!" - Light it Up Learning, 3rd Grade

      "After using the Dirt Girl resource, we couldn't wait to try another one of your activities. They really help us to explore the text in detail an appreciate the message which we wouldn't have achieved by reading the story alone. The activities that you create are easily implemented with your clear plans and the activity pages are so clear and inviting that we couldn't wait to get started! Including the answer key saves so much time too. We can't wait to see what else you have available! Thank you." - MathsByHeart, 3rd grade

      "The scope of this study was perfect to choose what we needed to dive into this topic. Thank you to the author for the beautifully conveyed message, and to the resource creator for the exceedingly high-quality pages within the study. It was easy to use and we'll be circling back to it with my other children!" - Melissa Is Teaching, 3rd Grade

      "Thanks for creating this resource. The students really enjoyed the activities for the book." - Print with Ease Studio, 3rd Grade

      "Wow!!! We love this resource! Such a powerful and important message! What a great story with lovely illustrations. This resource is so well presented and I love that it has day-by-day activities with plans and resources that are easily accessible. The variety of activities kept us engaged and the thought-provoking prompts opened up some fascinating discussions. We can't wait to see what else you have available! Many thanks." - MathsByHeart, 3rd & 4th Grades

      "I like all the connections between the story and the reader’s own life. This is excellent for reflections." - Off the Page, 3rd Grade

      "This is such a great supplement to a wonderful book! I love all of the different activities, games, and exercises working on so many different skills including vocabulary, writing, social skills, and understanding emotions. These exercises are fun and encourage the students to be creative. Thank you for such a helpful resource!" - Making Skill Building Fun, 2nd Grade

      "It is truly an amazing resource. The quality of the content is top-notch. Thanks for creating and sharing it!" - Play-Teach-Learn, 4th Grade

      "Wow, what a wonderful story to promote Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the classroom or at home!!! Throughout the story and activities, your students can explore subject matters of self-awareness, diversity, and inclusion. This resource is important to teach students while they are very young so they can learn not to display the traits of bullying as they grow up. This resource is engaging in such a way that helps them to understand that being different is not "weird", but it is a unique trait that we call carry because we are all unique in a special way. I love how Zefara innocence allows her to rise above them by allowing her smile to shine through. This story is powerful in promoting self-awareness, self-image, and diversity. As a homeschool mom or just a mom in general, I am blown away by the power that this story promotes. Great job and congratulations in collaborating with Jodi Dee in creating this unique and powerful resource for the wonderful story she created!!!!" - Homeschool with Big Easy Homeschooling Mom, 1st Grade

      "This is a fantastic resource for promoting social-emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom or at home. All the activities in this resource are amazing. You can explore the themes of diversity, inclusion, and self-acceptance in this book. The variety of exercises, including reflection questions and writing prompts, makes it easy to engage students of all ages. As an educator, I appreciate the emphasis on fostering empathy, respect, and understanding among students, while also promoting a positive self-image and acceptance of differences. This resource is a valuable addition to any SEL curriculum." - FlashKart, 4th Grade