Jodi Dee Publishing is a division of Jodi Dee™️ and proudly focuses on publishing quality, meaningful and relevant content for education, social and emotional development, self-improvement, and empowerment.

Jodi Dee Publishing's stories have been licensed by renowned literacy experts Dr. Louisa Moats and Dr. Carol Tolman, LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) to use in literacy trainings worldwide!

Jodi Dee Publishing is an equal opportunity employer and is proud to support minority owned businesses and hires illustrators from around the world; to date Columbia, India, Iran, United Kingdom, Algeria, England, Japan, and the United States of America.

Upcoming Releases:

  1. Jesse True Series (Books 1-4) - by Jodi Dee, M.Ed. (2021)
  2. Create a Home of Learning - by Jodi Dee, M.Ed. (2021)
  3. Yes, I See You - by Jodi Dee, M.Ed. (June, 2022)
  4. The Seeking Tree- by Jodi Dee, M.Ed. (Spring 2023)
  5. The Snow Monster - by Jodi Dee, M.Ed. (Fall 2023)
  6. Energy Wars, Book 1 - by Jodi Dee, M.Ed. (Fall 2023)
  7. Early Childhood Development - by Cecile Tousignant, M.Ed. (2024)
  8. The Filter - by Fiona Wolfe (2024)
  9. The Dragon Who Couldn't Fly - by David Webb (2024)

Aspiring Authors:

If you are an aspiring author and looking for a publisher dedicated to quality and meaningful content; Jodi Dee Publishing is actively seeking submissions. We seek exceptional and well written manuscripts or stories. Current categories sought: children's, young adult, middle grade, educational, and self-help categories.

We offer full service publishing, or a hybrid model depending on your goals (eBook versus printed, etc.). We have access to full distribution through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Bookazine, and more, as well as on Amazon Vendor Central. We have a reliable and quality printing partner. Jodi Dee Publishing is also established on KDP and ACX/Audible for audio titles.

Please email an introductory letter and the first chapter of your manuscript or PDF of your title (short story or children's) to: queries @

We will respond to all inquiries within 14 business days.

Jodi Dee Publishing proudly prints quality books in Canada with:

Friesens Corporation
One Printers Way
Altona, MB R0G 0B0

Privacy Policy: We do not share any data collected on customers or purchases.