Social media needs a reset button!

Social media needs a reset button!

Imagine... if this Bill of Rights was how everyone on social media agreed to behave? If this was how everyone on social media was; inclusive, tolerant, accepting, empathetic, compassionate... Imagine if we lived in a world where we allowed people, amiably, to believe what they chose; without condemnation, blame, anger, or hostility? Does it really matter if someone likes something you don't? What happened to freedom of speech? Freedom of expression? Freedom, period? Social media needs a rest button! #peace #reset #socialmedia #love #understanding #freedom

Social Media Bill of Rights

  1. Be friends with whoever I decide
  2. Unfollow someone, at any time, if I do not like what they post
  3. Unfriend or block anyone, at anytime
  4. Post my opinion on my pages, freely and openly
  5. Share whatever media I decide, on my pages, without consequence
  6. Believe what I choose
  7. Amiably disagree with you; without retaliation, insults, or personal attacks
  8. Exercise my freedom of speech, peaceably
  9. Petition organizations or the Government for a redress of grievances
  10. Give you permission to do the same

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