“Settling” is your fault.

“Settling” is your fault.

“Settling” is not about another person, it is a reflection of YOU. It isn’t because the other person is “not enough”, they will be and are enough for someone else (in the right energetic match). If you are with someone who you feel isn’t enough or at your level, it is your fault. YOU are not being at your level. Even if the person has some issue, is irresponsible, or immature, it doesn’t matter. You are not honoring your true self. You are not strong or confident enough to be where you want to be, you accept less… And the current person is simply a reflection of your inability to BE you, to honor what you really want and need, to be who you really are… I used to believe I was just with the wrong person, or I would never find the right person. It’s because I wasn’t being the right person. I was being what I thought I should, or conforming to what I believed a relationship should be. I denied my truth.  I denied what I loved, what truly made me happy. I did what the other person wanted and didn’t demand reciprocity, because I wanted to make my partner happy. I thought that was love. I sacrificed myself. The irony in all of this is we blame others for what we aren’t getting. However, if we honored ourselves and followed our inner truth, it would naturally come to us because we would be resonating in that place… And when we do, the right people are waiting because they are already there. @ jodihealy.com

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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