“Ending’s” happen for a reason… Grieve, but let them.

“Ending’s” happen for a reason… Grieve, but let them.

When a relationship ends we fear we will never have the experience or feel the same again, be alone, empty, and all “love” eventually ends… Sadness, grief, and loss are natural and an important part of healing and moving forward, it also tests our faith. When a relationship “ends” it makes us face our humanity, that eventually our life here will also end… and every time we “lose” someone it triggers that fear in us. But, if we knew and trusted, had faith that nothing really ever ends, we could instead hold the love for each person we are able to experience and carry an abundance forward (instead of loss)… We are love and love never ends. We can love someone, even if our time together is over, and open ourselves to a new experience… “Ending’s” happen for a reason… Grieve, but let them. 

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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