Being human sucks.  But that’s the point.

Being human sucks. But that’s the point.

Being human sucks was as a book title I created when I was younger. I assumed everyone else had it figured out and I was the only one who was unhappy. I wasn’t always unhappy but I certainly wasn’t one of those people that was always happy… Now I realize, being human does suck (often but not always), but that’s the purpose of being here, to experience it all. We are going to stub our toe, get stung, have the flu, lose our favorite toy, grab expired ice cream from the freezer… This is what separates us from the other life on this planet. We have the gift of emotion, a deep and vast kaleidoscope of feelings to experience, including the bad ones. A deer doesn’t get lost in envy nor does a bird dwell in grief (at least that we can see). Life isn’t meant to be perfect or Utopian ALL THE TIME, that happens next. Yet we spend so much of our lives resisting, resenting, trying to control, deny, avoid, numb, or suppress anything “bad”. We want a perfect night sleep every night. It’s never going to happen, no matter what mattress you have. The only way you can appreciate the great night sleep is the perspective you gain from the bad one. That’s the point. Life is polarity. The key to mastering happiness is accepting pain as a part of life, being able to experience it then let it go. It will pass, it always does. 

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Sunshine cooke on

Human sucks terribly

Thierry on

I could’nt agree more. Human beeings suck.

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