Are you with a harmonious or dysfunctional soulmate?

Are you with a harmonious or dysfunctional soulmate?

harmonious soulmate

There are two distinct types of attraction. Harmony and discord (energetically speaking). Harmony is when two people’s resonance match in synergy (often called soul mates). These two have similar interests, belief systems, and often a peaceful, complimentary relationship. Most relationships, however, are based on discord (broken resonance)… chase games, blame, attack… These relationships are when two people match, but in brokenness. Each try to resolve childlike pain, insecurity, fear, etc. through the other (often subconsciously). These couples lash out, blame the other for their unhappiness, and so on. There is explosiveness and intensity they often confuse as love,  an illusion of passion, constant engaging, and attention (even if negative). They use eachother to pass and receive the negative energy they carry, and are often caught in a hurtful emotional volley ball game. Everyone has some of this. It is impossible to completely separate ourselves from others, but to become conscious of this dysfunction empowers you to break the cycle. Changing partners rarely changes anything, because the resonance you have is in you. Who you are with, is what you attracted… 

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