Where Is Thumbkin Song and Activity

Where Is Thumbkin Song and Activity

After putting the gloves on successfully, in the Let’s Figure Things Out, Let’s Pretend Activity, sing “Where Is Thumbkin?” to the tune of “Frère Jacques.”

1. Begin with two fists behind the back. “Where is thumbkin? Where is thumbkin?”

2. Bring out one fist with the thumb raised. “Here I am!”

3. Bring out the other fist with the thumb raised. “Here I am!”

4. Bend one thumb up and down. “How are you today, sir?”

5. Bend the other thumb up and down. “Very well, I thank you!”

6. Return one hand behind the back. “Run away!”

7. Return the other thumb behind the back. “Run away!”

8. Repeat with each finger (pointer, middle, ring finger, pinkie).

9. Bring both hands, one at a time, with all fingers and thumbs raised, from behind the back. End with, “Where is family?”

Children love to hear rhymes and songs. Sing to and with them often!

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