The Playhouse Area & Materials

The Playhouse Area & Materials

Playhouses are structures that children can climb in and out of, and imagine and pretend they are big in their little world. Children love to hide, snuggle up, and play in small spaces. This area is very easy to manage.

Acquire different fold-up houses to rotate in and out of the playroom. These are made of a tent-like material with an entrance. They are light and easy to store. Small regular camping tents also work for older children (just make sure all poles are secure and safe).

Children will pretend playhouses are a post office, ice cream truck, airplane, veterinarian clinic, an island safe from sharks, a hiding place, a hotel, and more. You’ll see them bring stuffed animals, cushions, blankets, and pillows, read books inside, and pretend play with different toys and friends. If something is missing, this is usually where you’ll find it! I never knew what scenario I was going to walk into. These houses are a simple addition, but a very powerful resource and play space.

Home Depot or any hardware store is happy to recycle boxes and give them away. Houses are easy to make with a large appliance box. Make a roof with the top flaps, cover it with tape or cellophane, and cut in a door and windows on each side. Children decorate their new home with markers, stickers, and tape. Because the cardboard is so sturdy, it can last years of aggressive use. Ours lasted four years!

Different-sized boxes are also fun to rotate in this space (or into the Climbing and Movement Area). Empty boxes serve as a place to hide, a house, a plane, a boat, a vehicle, train cars, and more.

Getting Started

1. Structure
0-2+ Years: A playhouse, large appliance box
3-6+ Years: Additional playhouses, camping tent

2. Accessories
0-2+ Years: Cushions, small blankets
3-6+ Years: Additional accessories, and resources from the House Area

Materials for the Playhouse Area

• Climbing structure or tumbling mat
• Sit and Spins
• Various playhouses
• Tents
• Extra-large appliance box (to make a playhouse)
• Different-sized empty boxes (small to large)
• Cushions
• Blankets
• Pillows
• Resources from the Center Activity Table
• Resources from the House Area

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