The Right Types of Toys and Equipment

The Right Types of Toys and Equipment

There are many different options, variations, and types of toys. All toys aren’t created equally. By recognizing and providing the right toys you can facilitate learning just by offering them, and the right toys can be used for years. The right use of toys can build a solid foundation of knowledge!

Many toys are used one time or played with for a short time, and never again (a birthday or holiday present). Many become dust collectors on a shelf or sit at the bottom of a toy box.

Unfortunately, many things offered in the toy industry aren't only expensive but are useless in the long term. A toddler will often spend more time with an empty box and packaging than a toy itself.

Sometimes a box of plain sticks and buttons is a better option than an expensive toy and can keep children entertained for close to an hour.

The type of play evolves as your children grow. For example, while playing with blocks, a toddler first simply explores the different types of objects. They start by touching, biting, feeling, holding, carrying, and throwing them (sensory development). This play then progresses to stacking, sorting, making towers, and knocking the blocks down.

The play then evolves to building different types of structures, and eventually to using the blocks in complex and dramatic play, building structures and playing with them, building a city, then building with a friend or friends, to hosting a group dinosaur invasion.

Stuffed animals tend to collect dust and are not good for children with allergies, but a stuffed animal is great to cuddle and feel, and often becomes a favorite transitional toy.

Children see stuffed animals as “friends” and love how cute and cuddly they are. They are an unavoidable part of childhood. When children are given other resources, stuffed animals are great when playing veterinarian or as an audience to a puppet show.

By investing in the right toys, a parent can facilitate learning that lasts for years!

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