Transition Time -  Time it takes for a child to “adjust”

Transition Time - Time it takes for a child to “adjust”

Transition time is the time it takes for a child to “adjust” to a new circumstance or situation. Children need transition time between events, tasks, and even normal day-to-day activities (before a movie, after a movie, before leaving for school, after getting home, before going to bed, after getting up from bed, and so on). Transitions go on and on. It’s almost as if children store pent-up energy that needs to be expelled before they can settle into another task. Their brains need to reset.

Ask any teacher or early childcare provider; they’ll attest to this collective time between one activity and the next. This time is often overlooked as we try to get children to do their homework, take a shower, or even sit down for a meal, and it often ends in frustration and anxiety.

Transition time doesn’t have to be long but naturally built into a child’s day. Simply build in an extra 10 minutes (for example, before leaving for school). Give a 10-minute warning, then a five-minute warning, then a time-to-go warning. It works!
Doing this not only makes life as a parent easier, but it also allows the child the necessary time to release energy and mentally and physically prepare for the next thing. Transition time is a natural and necessary thing every child needs.

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