The Program

The Program

This program can be started as soon as a child can crawl, and can be used throughout a child’s elementary school years. The techniques in this book focus on infancy to age eight. Understanding how children learn and play and incorporating the different types of toys and techniques to engage and facilitate play will transform the lives of your children and open the world of learning and discovery right in your home.

You’ll see your child’s excitement every time he or she enters the playroom and different learning areas. You’ll recognize how your child learns and develops. You’ll watch your child grow into a competent, confident, independent, and prepared learner while playing and having fun.

The concepts, materials, and activities in this book have been developed and used by early childhood practitioners and educators for decades, and are implemented and in practice in nationally accredited early learning programs. Parents can offer the same rich experiences and create the same environment at home. By following the book’s simple instructions, using the lists of toys and equipment, diagrams, and pictures, you can quickly and easily create your own home of learning!

• A simple, easy-to-follow format
• An organized and structured way to engage in your
children’s development
• Details on the right toys, supplies, and equipment to promote learning
• Important milestones to consider as your children grow
• Guidelines to set up play and learning areas
• Meaningful, concrete, and screen-free activities
• Steps to facilitate proper growth and development
• School preparedness and competency

The paperback version of Create a Home of Learning is available at Amazon, your favorite bookseller or

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