The Playroom - Safety Basics

The Playroom - Safety Basics

Safety is an important consideration. These are simple reminders to have a place where you can leave your baby to crawl or toddler to toddle and explore safely (because they will!).

1. Electrical outlets are covered, and cords are removed.

2. Toys are age-appropriate. Check for choking hazards, things that could break easily, glass, or hard objects.

3. The floor is covered with a rug or soft materials in case a child falls, especially a toddler. Rugs or soft alphabet mats with letters are great to soften the floor. The alphabet mats also serve as a puzzle for curious toddlers.

4. Windows are closed and locked. In summer, if you have open screens, make sure to have window guards. A child doesn’t realize that if they push on a screen, they could fall through and get hurt.

5. Equipment is secure and cannot be pulled down on a child. Some kitchens or dollhouses may need to be secured to the wall. Televisions are another feature in a split room that could be pulled down on top of a child. Anything heavy should be properly mounted to the wall.

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