I had a choice to create this book with culturally diverse photos, as the toys and techniques in learning are universal, but I chose instead to use candid photos of my children from the last 15 years. I wanted you to see the authenticity in what I did, and that I did use all these resources in my home for over a decade, daily. Through the images, you will see my children grow in front of you, and that I used all the concepts and resources shared, and continue to use many to this day. At the time, I had no idea I would ever use these photos except personally, so please excuse some of the quality!

By intent, I chose not to structure this book like a traditional book. There are no numbered chapters or indices, nor is it designed to be linear, just like learning! Start by setting up one learning area or three. Do what resonates with you and your children. Follow their rhythm!

I hope you enjoy creating your own home of learning!

Each of the 12 learning areas has a free online video with additional images and video clips of children playing or on YouTube.

The paperback version of Create a Home of Learning is available at Amazon, your favorite bookseller or




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