Let’s Use Our HandsActivity & Let’s Move Our Bodies Activity

Let’s Use Our HandsActivity & Let’s Move Our Bodies Activity

Let’s Use Our Hands Activity

Bingo Daubers
Where: Art Area or Writing Area
Tools: Paper pad or sheets, non-toxic bingo daubers (these can be found at general pharmacies such as a CVS or craft stores)

How: Show the children how to unscrew and re-screw the caps on the non-toxic bingo daubers. Explain that putting the cap back on will make them last longer (like markers) and they won’t dry out. Explain that less air keeps them wet inside.
Give them a plain sheet of paper or cut the paper into different shapes and start “daubing.” Say or chant slowly “Daub-a-Daub Daub, Daub-a-Daub Daub.”
The repetition will help them to remember the action with words. Dragging the dauber like a pencil or a marker will tear the dauber sponge.

The Dr. Seuss books about spots, Put Me in the Zoo, I Want to Be Somebody New, or New Tricks I Can Do, by Robert Lopshire go well with this activity!

Challenges: Draw shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, or other) with a pen or pencil. Cut the paper into shapes or animals for spot decorating (like a Cheetah in the Dr. Seuss stories). Have the children “Daub-a-Daub Daub” on the lines or inside the lines. While exercising their hands, they’ll also learn the names of shapes!

Let’s Move Our Bodies Activity
Walk a Line or a Balance Beam

Where: Climbing and Movement Area or Outdoor Area

Tools: Balance beam, flat board, or piece of wood, or 10 to 12 inches of painter’s tape or masking tape (on the ground or floor)

How: Have the children walk across the board or line, one at a time. Ask the children if they want to hold your hand until they feel safe. After the first few “trips” across, elevate the board with blocks.

Challenges: Have the children cross the beam or tape sideways. Next, have them repeat the activity on their tiptoes, and then on their heels. Older children can usually walk backward, so encourage them to try. Have them do so on the balance beam if it can be done safely.

Change the masking tape into a zigzag, snake, or different geometric shapes to make the activity more challenging. I often did these activities outside on the driveway or sidewalk with chalk.

Leave this set up for a few days so the children can practice and master this activity! Also, draw different lines to make roads or obstacles. Use with a collection of cars or trucks from the Construction and Block Area, or draw bigger roads to ride tricycles and scooters on! Refer to The Role of Facilitator.

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