Let’s Listen, Let’s Talk Activity & Let’s Read, Let’s Write Activity

Let’s Listen, Let’s Talk Activity & Let’s Read, Let’s Write Activity

Tell an ABC story, Sing the ABC song,
Trace the ABCs

Where: Reading Area
Tools: ABC book

How: Have the children sit on a cushion or an alphabet square. Pull up a small chair or sit on the floor in front of them. Hold the book pages facing outward so that each child can see the book and hear you. If only one or two children, they can also sit next to you or in your lap. Allow ample time to tell the story. Pause between turning the pages so that each child can “study” the pictures, the print, and ask questions.

Next, get a piece of paper and pencil or a small dry-erase writing board. Draw dotted lines for a letter, “A.” Have each child practice tracing the dots of the letter. Start with capital letters, then advance to lowercase, and so on. Pick one letter each week or start with your child’s name.

Challenges: Ask the children open-ended questions about the story. Open-ended: Who, What, When, Where, and How. For example, “What picture did you see with the letter ‘F’ (sounding it out as efff)?” Ask questions about the story and sing the ABC song (two or three times) at a slow pace with the children. Now, practice tracing words.

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