Creating Collections

Creating Collections

Establishing collections of toys leads to years of inventive and creative play. With a collection of toys, a child can create his or her world of battles, challenges, rescues, and more.

A child may express interest in “army guys,” so one or two are purchased. But if there’s only one or two, there isn’t much else to do with them. However, if these same army guys are added to a collection of superheroes, or are added to a collection of army guys with different colors, trucks, equipment, and tools, the play becomes much more complex. The imaginative and pretend play scenarios become infinite.

Each time a new character is added or an accessory to a collection, it adds an entirely new element and a brand new play scenario will unfold!

Create many types of collections and add to them over time, such as different types of magnet creatures, figurines, houses, and more. Many of these toys you may already have.

Once your children are older and past putting toys in their mouths and the choking phase, you can even buy cheap items from the dollar stores to add to your collections. You can never have enough Play-Doh tools or bugs in a bug collection.

Collections of Toys Suggestions
• Action figures, superheroes
• Service heroes (police, fire, ambulance, doctors)
• Military and accessories (army soldiers, navy sailors, military trucks, barracks, hills, fences)
• Vehicles and accessories (cars, tracks, garages, monster trucks, road signs)
• Dolls and dollhouses (clothes and house accessories)
• Shopkin houses, accessories
• Life-size baby dolls, clothes, and accessories
• Toy houses, figurines, accessories
• Various food sets
• Bugs and creatures
• Magnet board and magnets
• Blocks
• Felt board and felt board stories
• Dinosaurs, environmental accessories
• Farm (animals, equipment, barn/farmhouse, accessories)
• Sea creatures (types of whales, fish, sharks)
• Play-Doh and sand accessories
• Puzzles (wooden, floor puzzles, jigsaw puzzles)

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