Children Learn While They Play

Children Learn While They Play

Child development experts agree that play is integral to learning, and children learn the most when caretakers and teachers are trained to understand how play contributes to learning. Accredited early learning centers use resources and space to facilitate the right types of play.

What a child plays with and how matters during the different stages of his or her development. The right types of play build the conceptual foundations of math, problem-solving, literacy, social skills, art and creativity, science, emotional maturity, critical thinking, leadership, and more.

Play isn’t a break from learning; it’s the way children learn.

• Grow to be independent
• Develop self-confidence
• Learn to play by themselves or with a friend
• Gain skills and abilities in daily activities
• Make choices on their own
• Learn to explore with intention
• Make the transition to school easier
• Gain an understanding of the world around them

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