Kitchen play is hours of screen free fun!

Kitchen play is hours of screen free fun!

kitchen play is screen free time

Food and food preparation is a large part of childhood (being fed to learning how to eat to watching food be prepared to going to restaurants). Playing with pretend food, cooking, serving, and shopping are wonderful play and learning activities for children and will evolve as they grow.

Having a pretend kitchen, collection of kitchen items, and play food are perfect toys for discovery and proper development for any young child. My 8 year old decided to set up a restaurant outside on the swing-set. My 10 year old acted as the “Manager”. I ordered and played the customer. Children will learn how to simulate cooking, use their imaginations, negotiate, order, take orders, and more!


  • Play Kitchen
  • Pretend food, empty & clean recycled plastic containers, egg cartons, cereal & pasta boxes, plastic vegetables and fruit, other
  • Kitchen accessories: plastic plates, cups, forks, spoons, spatula, ladle, measuring cups, other)
  • Small shopping cart, plastic shopping bags
  • Play cash register
  • Pretend money or make pretend money (for older kids)

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