Children experience grief and loss too..,

Children experience grief and loss too..,

Some write for profit. Some write for fame. Some write because it's fun and entertaining. And some write because the voice inside is loud, it has purpose. Truth. It is a calling. The words must come out; to help others, to be in service, to raise consciousness...

Some write because children need the voice of hope, the one that tells them the world can change. That the bad things they see and hear (and some experience) isn't all there is. There is magic in the world (that adults often can't see anymore, consumed by the noise).

I had a woman come up to my table at a show and immediately picked up my new book, Yes, I See You. Yes. I See You gently touches upon grief and the pain of loss. It also reminds us that friendship and healing can occur with love and compassion. She came up close to me behind my table and whispered in my ear, "Do you have anything that deals with grief?" I said, "Actually, yes you picked up the one book that does." She replied, "My daughters just lost their father." They were 6 year old twins.

I wanted to cry and hug them at the same time. They were so young. I was so happy I wrote this story, for them. I didn't know how it would be received because some forget that children experience grief and loss too, and the topics are not too big to discuss.

Some lose friends, games, pets, and loved ones. I doubted myself in publishing this story, because it was so different than my light and fun best seller The Dirt Girl. But, then I remembered, the voice. That voice must be heard. There is a purpose to it. It comes from a place beyond, a divine space that I cherish and honor. That is why I write. For moments like that. 

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