Official Announcement! New Titles 2023

Official Announcement! New Titles 2023


Our 2023 line up is finalized! Jodi Dee has 3 new titles coming out. 

The Seeking Tree

A young sapling sprouts and is excited about its new world. It yearns to connect with all that pass by, especially humans. It watches humanity evolve as it grows. Unfortunately, humans do not stop or understand until it’s too late. Follow its journey through time and how one little girl finally sits with the old tree and changes history. (10x10 Full color, hardcover picture book. Pre-K- Grade 3, 32 pages - $18.99) Spring 2023 Co-Illustrated by Kaya Oldaker

The Snow Monster

As Amia blows out the candles on her 9th birthday, she closes her eyes and makes a wish. But when her wish comes true in a way no one could predict, it turns out to be a curse! Tuntle Town declares Amia cannot leave her house when it snows. She is devastated. Find out how as Amia blows out the candles on her 10th birthday, her new wish changes everything. (10x10 Full color, hardcover picture book. Pre-K- Grade 3, 32 pages - $18.99) – Fall 2023 Co-Illustrated by Chandrani Das

Energy Wars. Book 1. Series.

Myles is a typical, average 11 year old boy until one day things drastically change. A girl Myles admires Sally Munson shows up to school with purple pants on. She becomes the joke of the day. Myles starts to see the teasing as fireballs of energy being thrown at her! He finds himself in the middle of a war zone, invisible to everyone but him. To make matters worse he later uncovers boxes of artifacts and a finds letter from his dead grandmother who’s trying to warn him from beyond. Danger is coming. Follow Myles as he tries to understand his new found superpower and how he’s the only person on Earth who can stop an ancient but powerful secret regime from enslaving all. (5x7, Middle Grade, Hardcover, page tbd $11.99) – Fall 2023 (will have some black and white pictures throughout) Co-Illustrated by Amel Art

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