A snow-loving girl makes a dangerous wish in Dee’s picture book.

Amia, a young girl with fair skin and brown hair, lives in a town where everything is simple and everything is the same. She loves snow so much that on her birthday, “I wished I could eat all the snow I ever wanted.” When it snows, she gets her wish—and consumes all the snow in town. The townspeople are furious and demand that Amia be kept indoors when it snows. One fateful day the following winter, the town is hit by a dangerous blizzard. No one can get out until a small child remembers Amia’s superpower.

This clever take on the theme of accepting others melds with another moral lesson: the importance of using your passion for the good of your community. Dee uses short, simple sentences to make the story accessible for young readers; the full-color illustrations, done in collaboration with Das, blend realism and whimsy, much like the story itself. Though the village’s houses and streets are identical, the people are very diverse:

The concerned citizens have several different skin tones, and at least one resident wears a hijab. Amia and her sister are depicted looking very like each other but quite different from their father, suggesting that they are a blended or adoptive family.

A modern fable with a unique twist on old themes.

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