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NEW! Create a Home of Learning
NEW! Create a Home of Learning
NEW! Create a Home of Learning
NEW! Create a Home of Learning
NEW! Create a Home of Learning
NEW! Create a Home of Learning
NEW! Create a Home of Learning
NEW! Create a Home of Learning
NEW! Create a Home of Learning
NEW! Create a Home of Learning
NEW! Create a Home of Learning
NEW! Create a Home of Learning

NEW! Create a Home of Learning

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  "A must have for all parents!"  "Spectacular!" "An amazing testament to how children learn the most at home!" 

Create your own home of learning! 

Children 0-6 years of age do not need a detailed curriculum or extensive adult led lessons or teaching. Young children learn while they play!

In this book, you receive an easy & simple to follow format and resources for years of learning and discovery right at home!

You will receive:

  1. Simple to set up & fun spaces for learning 
  2. Tons of homemade ideas for materials and resources
  3. Easy to use system for every day (screen free play!)
  4. The right activities, toys, & equipment for learning by age
  5. Beautiful photos examples on every page
  7. And more!

 I have a Masters Degree in Education, over 18 years experience in an accredited preschool center, and did all of this at home raising my three children. You will see my children grow in front of you, on the pages of this book and the FREE videos, and that I used all the resources and techniques in my home for over a decade. I still use many to this day and my children are now 13, 11, and 10! It really works!

Creating a home of learning does not require hours of instruction or set up!

Easily create your own home of learning by facilitating and setting up the right types of play that naturally target the learning domains of your developing child; language (reading, writing) cognitive, social & emotional, physical (gross & fine motor).


This set up can be used when children home from school for screen free play after school, on weekends, & in summers (once the pandemic has ended).  


Review by Nicole Sweet, Nurse, Mother of 3 - "I love it! It is like you said... a masters in Ed without all the hard work. This is really helping me and is such a valuable resource. Some of this I know and understand about how children learn, but I don't have the structure or practice. As a nurse, I can talk and help adults all day, but for some reason I don't know what to do with my own kids! This is going to hold my hand through it. I beat myself up over it all the time. This is making me realize I can do this and everything is sitting right here in front of me"

Review by Mary Sampson, Stay home Mother of Four -"Just setting up one learning area in my home made such an incredible difference! Then four. Life changing. To think I can help my children learn just by setting up the right toys or options is incredible. And there is almost no fighting. Highly recommend!"

Review by Cecile Tousignant, M.Ed, 30 years experience in early childhood, accredited center owner - "An incredible resource for any caregiver with a young child. It is like a shortened Masters Degree for a parent all in one. Such a rich guide with beautiful authentic pictures, easy to follow instructions, lists of materials and activities! A timeless and powerful resource." 

Review by Sarah Lehman, Teacher and Mother of 2 Toddlers - "I can't believe how easy and simple this is! I thought it would be so difficult to teach my twins (I teach 7th grade) but now I understand young children learn while they play, even math and language fundamentals. Just by setting the right things up I'm teaching. Amazing! All parents need this!"



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