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 Jodi Healy has a Masters Degree in Education, is a serial entrepreneur, business owner, investor, advisor, speaker, writer, and single mother of three young children. She has traveled the world and is a passionate philanthropist in education, for children, and balanced holistic living. She is a new age published Author and Blogger in the Quest for Universal Truth, Happiness, and Spiritual Enlightenment.

“This blog is dedicated to you; to share and discuss how to find true happiness, align with our divine nature, authentic self, and to unravel the universal truth that resides in our cellular memory. Across the globe, we are collectively shifting to a higher level of consciousness and arriving at a new modality of a human being.

We each are responsible, completely, right now for what we choose to and do experience. Through our soul evolution, we walk a human and spiritual journey towards fulfilling our personal legend. We each are on a soul path to reclaim our true self, obtain enlightenment and live our unique truth. Thank you for supporting and joining me.” – xo Jodi Healy


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