Being human sucks. Know you know. Move on.

Being human sucks. Know you know. Move on.

Being human sucks. Know you know. Move on.

Nothing else will ever bother you again because you will ALWAYS expect it to suck. Nothing will surprise you or ruin your day.

Book’s over.

Of course I don’t believe this. But, wouldn’t it be nice if it was that simple? That you could simply accept the fact that being human sucked? People would be happy the majority of the time. Rarely would things be as bad as you expected so you would be happy when it was better. There would be no reason to be upset or slighted or hurt. People wouldn’t carry resentments. Life would flow. The person next to you in the traffic jam wouldn’t have road rage because he already figured he would get cut off. The person behind you in the line at the bank wouldn’t be sighing every five seconds, because she already expected there to be a line. The person on the other end of the phone who put you on hold for ten minutes wouldn’t even phase you. Everything that happened would be better than you expected it, because you already expected something worse.

In this new world, at five years old your mother or father would sit you down and say,

“Honey, being human sucks. Soon, the newness will wear off. Everything won’t seem exciting and mysterious anymore. You won’t feel safe and protected. People will hurt you and die. Nothing will ever be as good as your dreams or the fairy tales we fill your childhood with. You’ll learn fireworks are like bombs and made from gunpowder, not fairy dust. Santa Claus and the Tooth fairy aren’t real. Actually nothing you see right about now is real. There are no princesses or super heroes. Sugar cereal and cotton candy are bad for you. You can’t be anything you want to be because you have to make money. Most of us have to get jobs and spend our weeks doing something we don’t want to do. There are consequences now for everything you do. Any questions?”

Unfortunately, no one tells us this. We spend our lives trying to recapture the naive excitement and sense of freedom of being a child. Around the age 7, we begin to ground into this reality. We begin to process and comprehend the world around us. It doesn’t make sense. We are angry when reality sets in. The real world isn’t as fun. It sucks. Our infinite minds travel ubiquitously but our bodies are finite. As children we’re not fully aware of our bodies, the human part. We believe in fairy tales and what we can imagine is real. We watch Superman, Peter Pan, and Harry Potter fly. The President of the United States is the same as Nemo. Time and space are not defined. What we can envision becomes the foundation of our reality. No one prepares us for the “sucks” part.

That is why we are here in this three dimensional world to experience just that, being human. No escaping it. Sorry. At least not yet, if you’re reading this. Being human sucks, buts that only half of the experience. If one can accept that life sucks one is hauntingly aware when it doesn’t.

Every moment is a complex conundrum of human experiences. From tasting our first succulent taste of sugar to feeling paralyzed by a broken heart. It isn’t that life isn’t full of wonder and joy. It’s that most of us spend our entire lives being unsatisfied with the “sucks” part. We want to be everything we are not and have everything we don’t. We spend our passing time yearning to be somewhere other than where we are, or doing something different than we are doing. Whether we believe this consciously or subconsciously we live thinking, “the grass is greener on the other side”. That just might be true, but someone is looking at the grass you are standing on thinking the same thing.

The goal isn’t to focus on all things wrong with the world or our lives, its to call life what it is and stop pretending its anything different. It’s to accept the polarities, that shit happens, and its not personal. Focus on the things that don’t suck and stop trying to prevent the things that do…

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